GS1 Company Prefix Pricing

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Number of Items

Needing a UPC Barcode

Bar Code Graphics

GS1 UPC Barcode Services*

Total Annual

Renewal Fees* **

1 – 10

$400 (includes GS1 US fee $250)

$150 (incl. GS1US fee $50)

1 – 100

$1000 (includes GS1 US fee $750)

$300 (incl. GS1US fee $150)

1 – 1,000

$4,500 (includes GS1 US fee $2,500)

$730 (incl. GS1US fee $500)

*GS1 US fee is included in the amount but charged separately by GS1 US **GS1 US annual renewal fee is mandatory to retain Prefix.

Bar Code Graphics provides companies assistance obtaining, managing and creating UPC barcodes. GS1 US is the US organization, which establishes identification standards for various industries (i.e. retail, healthcare) and licenses unique GS1 Company Prefixes, which are necessary to create UPCs.


Companies need to assign unique UPC barcodes for each product they sell, and this includes differences in sizes and colors. In order for companies to obtain UPC barcodes, they must join GS1 US, whose fee structure is based on the total number of UPC barcodes needed. By joining GS1, you will get your own licensed GS1 Company Prefix and a listing of assignable UPCs. In addition, you will have access to the GS1 US product data repository (Data Hub), so you can store and manage your UPC product information.

Our GS1 Barcode Services provide the necessary customer and technical support you need to properly identify and barcode your products. With 9 certified Barcode Professionals on staff, an in-house digital label printing department, and the only certified application to create precise digital barcode artwork, Bar Code Graphics is uniquely qualified to assist. Our GS1 Barcode Services include the following:

Expedite Obtaining GS1 Company Prefix:

· Obtain unique licensed GS1 Company Prefix to create UPC assignments

· Establish account at GS1 US Data Repository (Data Hub)

UPC Management:

· Assist in assigning UPC numbers (GTINs) and calculating check digits

· Assist assigning GTINs to outer packaging, when necessary

· Provide template to add product data to GS1 data repository

· Validate and upload UPC data to GS1 data repository

Facilitate Barcode Identification:

· Single sheet of printed UPC labels is provided for each assigned UPC

· Provide 1 digital barcode file for first UPC. Additional GS1 certified digital barcode files available from $10 each.

· Assistance with barcode location for products and packaging

· Assist with Amazon barcode label marking, when necessary

· 50% discount on standard UPC barcode testing fees. (Standard fee $50)

For companies who have existing licensed GS1 Company Prefixes, we offer the above UPC Management and Facilitate Barcode Identification services.

Number of Items

Needing a Barcode

Bar Code Graphics

GS1 UPC Barcode Services Fee

Bar Code Graphics

Annual Renewal Fee

1 – 10



1 – 100



1 – 1,000





If you are solely need a UPC for a small local retail or online shop, you may be able to use an assignment from a reseller. Please visit .